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If you would like more information about requesting a grant from the Future of Hope Fund or making a contribution to it, please contact:


Brett Bogan, Future of Hope Fund Committee Chair

email: bbogan@spencerfane.com

phone: 913.327.5125



Future of Hope Fund
% Brett Bogan
Rotary Club of Overland Park South
P.O. Box 27075
Shawnee Mission, KS 66225





The Future of Hope Fund of the Overland Park South Rotary Foundation is committed to make an on-going difference in the quality of life in our community by identifying those programs and/or issues that can improve the quality of life for disadvantaged children and families.  The Foundation will be attracted to ideas and agencies where measurable success can be identified and tracked.




·         Grant opportunities needs of children and families to focus primarily on Johnson County, Kansas but are not limited to it.


·         Program funding is preferred, but capital projects that relate to an issue of interest to the family may be approved.


·         Scholarships which address the educational needs of the poor and disadvantaged will be considered.


·         The opportunity to leverage support by attracting substantial funding by others is encouraged.




Applications will be reviewed at the meetings of The Future of Hope Fund committee.  Notification of awards will be submitted to the Board of Directors of The Overland Park South Rotary Club at a time following the meetings.  Final approval for all requests requires approval by the Overland Park South Rotary Board.


All application materials should be submitted in writing or via e-mail.  If supporting materials are not available in an electronic format, fax or mail those materials with a coversheet.


Applications should include the following:


1.     Completed information sheet and summary block


2.     Supporting documentation:

a)     history/description of org (further detail beyond summary;

b)     description of program (further detail beyond summary block);

c)      expected outcomes (further detail beyond summary block);

d)     how outcomes will be measured;

e)     budget of program;

f)       financials (current 990) and audit (if available) of your organization;

g)     proof of 501(c)(3) status;

h)     list of current board members;

i)       other funders for this project; and

j)       specific use of funds being applied for.