Philanthropy through Dentistry - Using your connections for more than just work
Nov 13, 2019
Dr Jarrett Grosdidier
Philanthropy through Dentistry - Using your connections for more than just work

Dr. Jarrett Grosdidier will be joining our weekly meeting to share on how he has used Dentistry for philanthropic endevours.

In a country where a person can be anything, Jarrett Grosdidier has chosen to be the best kind of person—a humanitarian. An esteemed athlete, an established dentist, and a venerated philanthropist, he has made his life’s labors extend far beyond work.

Grosdidier gives all credit for his rooted values to his large, close knit family. Growing up on a farm in a small Kansas town, he gained a solid work ethic that was etched into his core. He was a standout in athletics and a stellar football player who went on to play at Kansas State. But when asked to continue playing beyond college, he chose dentistry—a profession he had long dreamed of pursuing.

Helping others is ingrained in Grosdidier, who worked in a dental clinic for the Kansas School of the Blind while still in school. It is a service he has continued and eventually took over through his career. Once a month, he and another staff member perform dental screenings, cleanings, procedures, and secure further treatment at very little cost. Beyond this they also work on life skills and areas that will help clients to be successful in life. But this is not where the altruism ends. Last year, he and his family traveled to the Dominican Republic where the Royals had spent years reviving an orphanage. Grosdidier contributed by establishing a dental clinic. These experiences are both rewarding and motivating.

In true modest fashion Grosdidier gives much of his credit to his family, as well as his work partners. Ultimately, he says it comes down to doing the right thing, which is exactly what he gleaned from his family.

I want to be the kind of person that would make my family proud. From my grandparents down to my children, this is what drives my day-to-day decisions