The Future Of JCCC
Aug 12, 2020
Dr. Andrew Bowne
The Future Of JCCC

Dr Andy Bowne joins the weekly meeting to discuss the future of Johnson County Community College.

Dr. Andy Bowne has served for almost 17 years in senior leadership positions at Grand Rapids Community College (in Michigan) and at Ivy Tech Community College (in Indiana). At Ivy Tech he served as a regional chancellor, and now guides the leadership teams of 18 campuses as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

At Grand Rapids Community College, Andy (which is what he prefers to be called) let two distinctively different teams: fundraising and non-credit training, engaging teams to peak levels of fundraising, and moving the non-credit side of the college from being a financial challenge to a position of instructional and operational excellence.

Andy has over 12 years of adjunct faculty teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He currently serves on the Ferris State University Advisory Board for the Doctorate in Community College Leadership program where he teaches, mentors students, and serves on dissertation committees.

His career included training and organization development work in manufacturing and non-profit organizations. He blended his love of people development together with the desire to see communities and regions prosper while serving in the economic development arena.

Andy began his career as a resident director at Calvin College. He has always had a love for students and engaging with them whether at their performances, sharing a meal together, attending athletic events, or participating in student leadership development programs.

Dr. Andy Bowne earned his Doctor of Education degree from Western Michigan University, where he also earned his master’s and bachelor’s degrees. He completed the Aspen Presidential Fellowship for Community College Excellence in 2018.

On July 1, 2020, Dr. Bowne became the seventh President of Johnson County Community College.
Dr. Andrew W. Bowne