Nov 08, 2023
Nina Kimbrough, Johnson County Christmas Bureau
An update on the JCCB

Nina Kimbrough has a heart for people. It is her desire to share her gifts and talents to make a positive impact on children and families.Nina is a Trainer, Speaker, and an Outreach & Event Consultant. She grew up in the Kansas City area and went to Wichita State University, where she earned a BA in Communications/ Radio-TV-Film/ Journalism.Nina has created, planned, and executed several hundred successful trainings and events from concept to closeout. Her expertise in this area has allowed many businesses and non-profits to make an impact in their community, connect with business partners, raise needed funds, and serve individuals in need. Nina leads a Woman's Impact Group and is very active in the community, including Boards, Educational Liaison, and Community Outreach Programs. She believes that positive programming helps develop high impact leaders with strong character, self-awareness, and leadership skills. Her passion is Mission work in the United State and abroad.